FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is the purpose of CLA?
Container Ledger Account is a patented solution to simplify container deposit management process between CLA Principal (Shipping Line / Shipping Agent / NVOCC) and CLA Subscriber (Consignee/Freight Forwarder/Broker/CFS Operator/Warehousing) via CLA Portal, www.clap.ph and to speed-up container deposit refunds within 3 working days upon the approval of Shipping Line / Shipping Agent / NVOCC.

2. Is CLA mandatory?
No. CLA is voluntary participation by the CLA Principal and CLA Subscriber.

3. Have CLA been accepted in the Philippines?
CLA have been endorsed by Department of Trade & Industry Philippines(DTI) and Department of Transportation (DOTr) as well as supported by reputable logistic organisations in the Philippines for a more effective and efficient management of container deposit. These groups include the Association of International Shipping Lines (AISL), Association of Off-Dock CFS Operators of the Phils. (ACOP), Philippine Multimodal Transport and Logistics Association Inc. (PMTLAI), Port Users Confederation of the Philippines (PUCP), Chamber of Customs Brokers Inc. (CCBI), Confederation of Truckers Association of the Philippines (CTAP), Philippine Liner Shipping Association (PLSA), Philippine Exporters Confederation, Inc. (PHILEXPORT), Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI), Export Development Council – Networking Committee Transport & Logistics (EDC-NCTL) and the Supply Chain Management Associations of the Philippines (SCMAP).

4. What are the types of subscription available?
Once the registration is approved, CLA Subscriber can choose to utilize the CLA Cash or CLA Deposit for every container deposit exemption.
  • CLA Cash will require a security payment (as per table below) and it is refundable upon CLA deactivation.
    Monthly Container Volume (TEUs) Amount (PHP)
    Below 10 75,000
    11 - 50 150,000
    51 – 100 250,000
    Above 100 350,000
  • CLA Deposit will require deposit amount for every Bill of Lading equivalent to published tariff by Shipping Lines.

5. What are the container related charges covered by CLA?
CLA covers container Detention and Damage charges only.

6. Does the current billing process change?
No. CLA Principal will continue to issue invoice directly to CLA Subscriber for any charges incurred.

7. How does CLA Principal make a claim from CLA?
The claim process is online through CLA Portal (www.clap.ph). If CLA Subscriber has not paid for the invoice within the credit period, then CLA Principal may submit a claim to CLA Portal. Subsequently, the claim amount will be paid to CLA Principal on behalf of CLA Subscriber.

8. Are there any charges on CLA services?
Yes. The CLA fees applied are below:-
  • 100Php per TEU for CLA Cash
  • 200Php per TEU for CLA Deposit

9. What are the criteria for Consignee / Freight Forwarder / Broker / CFS Operator / Warehousing to join CLA?
Consignee / Freight Forwarder / Broker / CFS Operator / Warehousing will have to complete the CLA registration online, www.clap.ph. However, the approval is subjected to internal risk assessment and at the discretion of CLA Phils., Inc.

10. Is the CLA Fees deducted from CLA Deposit?
No. The CLA fees has to be paid separately upon request for CLA Release.

11. How does CLA Subscriber make a request for Refund?
Upon container return to Depot/Port, thereafter CLA Subscriber may request for refund through our CLA Portal (www.clap.ph).

12. Are there any supporting documents required for refund?
No. All information is available on www.clap.ph

Revision 5, February 2023